Weaving code, performing time, arranging silence, design for all the projects I never did and for a society that moves beyond gender..what if, and why not .

Craft and design. Hybrid technaologies. Queering up design.

My practice wants to explore the narrative within design; its physical and conceptual limits; to challenge the disciplinary and gender boundaries. Informed by, but mostly, inspired by research, many of my projects lie in the intersection of craft and design. Or don’t exist.

︎ (a sample of work) ︎

I never thought I would be involved in weaving activities, even less in knitting. But there is something about the physicality and the material that always makes me want to touch things and build impossible structures.

That comes in an interesting conflict with the high interest I have in conceptual design and the world of ideas. Design fiction, design as narration, design as plain text, design installations and lately, design as performance. My third year at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, signed the passage to a deeper understanding of what design can be for me; and what I can be for design.

What about technology?
I am not a digital master. I am not afraid of it either. I only use technologies as a mean to experiment with concepts that at first glance seem disconnected.

The challenge is to find and explore possible connections. Those connections are usually given within the words/concepts themselves.

In a closer look, there is a thread that links all of my works, in not necessarily a progressive line.
In that, Social and political cannot be excluded in the description of most of my works.
Everything has a wider political presence and influence.

I believe that our arole as designers is to apply design thinking in every possible aspect of human -and non human- activity, but mostly, provide a so called creative exit (as Gregory Bateson would say) of which the world today is in desperate need.


Decriminalizing the Ornament (upcoming), Cambridge, UK, November 2018

Corrrective, a collective exhibition (upcoming), Lethaby Gallery, London, UK Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

Creative Unions / London Design Festival, Lethaby Gallery, London UK, 15 Sept- 27 Oct 2018

MAKE, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK, 21-24 July 2018

Poster Parade, Transport London Museum, UK, May-Sept 2018

Nasty Women North East, Newcastle, UK, Praxis Gallery

Degree Show 2: Design, Central Saint Martins, London, UK, 19-24 June 2018

I Don’t Know Her Work But I Know Her Name, Window Gallery, CSM, London, UK, December 2017 - January 2018

The Molecular Project 2: Artists in Wonderland, Greece, August 2010

The Molecular Project 1: Sinestesia, Greece, August 2009


Central Saint Martins