Weaving code, performing time, arranging silence, design for all the projects I never did and for a society that moves beyond gender..what if, and why not 



Craft and design. Hybrid technologies. Queering up design. 

The challenge is to find and explore possible connections. In a closer look, there is a thread that links all of my works, in not necessarily a progressive line. In that, social and political cannot be excluded in the description of many of my works.

I believe that our role as designers is to apply design thinking in every possible aspect of human -and non human- activity, but mostly, provide a so called creative exit (as Gregory Bateson would name it) of which the world today is in desperate need.

Half Greek, half Italian, one half of ︎</unravel;> and 1/7th of ︎Corrrective, a Central Saint Martins graduate from the Design and Interaction pathway and a background in Cultural Anthropology.


︎Creative Unions
︎Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection


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︎Tate Exchange, Avant-Garde Women, Activism & Dissent, Tate Modern, London, UK, May 2019

︎British Library Late, Writing: Making Your Mark exhibition collaborative events, British Library, London, May 2019

︎Decriminalize The Ornament: The Pleasures of PatternCambridge, UK, November 2018

︎Corrrective, a collectiveexhibitionLethaby Gallery, London, UK Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

︎Creative Unions / London Design Festival,Lethaby Gallery, London UK, 15 Sept- 27 Oct 2018

︎MAKE, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK, 21-24 July 2018

︎Poster Parade, Transport London Museum, UK, May-Sept 2018

Nasty Women North East,Newcastle, UK, Praxis Gallery

Degree Show 2: Design, Central Saint Martins,London, UK, 19-24 June 2018

︎I Don’t Know Her Work But I Know Her Name,Window Gallery, CSM, London, UK, December 2017 - January 2018

The Molecular Project 2: Artists in Wonderland, Greece, August 2010

The Molecular Project 1: Sinestesia,Greece, August 2009