From architecture to design fiction and performance, the following are research projects that have led me to some critical considerations regarding design methods and cross-disciplinary translations.



[Bruno Munari on the difference between an artist and a designer.]
The designer, unlike the artist and the stylist, does not have his own style with which to formally solve any problem.
The production of a real designer has no particular aesthetic elements that characterize what he designs, he can produce a spherical or cubic or tubular lamp, but his purpose is that it sheds light and has a fair price in relation to the material of which is composed.
Not a personal style then, but a method that gives many forms, each valid according to its functions.

Objective research is accomplished with the depersonalization of the inquiry. The researcher should not tend to conclude a research in the way he would subjectively like it to be, as a result.

(Bruno Munari, Artist and Designer, 1971 -my translation)

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