Graphic Design can be research, research, research, research, research and endless experimentations.



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︎ Visual Research at ︎

︎︎Research Topics

︎Gender, Communication and Binaries

This is ongoing research on the influence of the mere existence of the gender binary on communication through the promotion of stereotypes. The goal is to plan student workshops in order to enhance observation and critical thinking as well as brainstorm ways of thinking outside of the binary.  

︎Knitting Perspectives. Hacking the Digital.

Digital and Analog, Craft and Design. The last project of my degree in Graphic Design involved the use of unorthodox communication tools like a knitting machine. The relation of the stitches to pixels and the binary structure of both computing and weaving have had a great impact on my work. Since then I am interested in pursuing the research, prototyping and conceptual narration of data translated into these two formats, experimenting on ways that they collide, collaborate and how they expand notions on design and communication.

︎An essay on plugs

It is interesting to stop and think about how and why some things look and work the way they do. Are plugs gender biased? In the uncertain gap between fiction and critical thinking, my research on plugs wants to be both ironic and speculative.

︎Research on and design development for LGBTQI community’s sexual health issues