work: WorkIt!

From Analogue to Digital
and back: re-imagine technologies.
Work it! is a series of experimental workshops led by graduating graphic design students, during Degree Show 2, Central Saint Martins

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The workshops are based on a specifi timeline and make use of the same materials from start to finish.

What can you create from the scrap papers and works of students
and all the left outs from the preparation for the degree show?

Could it be a distorted printed collage, a no-glue book-binded publication, an in situ stop motion and type drawing,
maybe knitted with a hacked electroknit machine?

We experimented with office supply materials and a printer, as this is directly linked to this year’s GCD Degree Show identity. Cut, copy, scan, delete, distort, recopy, add, substitute, magnify,
minimize: print.

The outcomes of each workhop were hung on a peg board, in order to be used as raw material in the next one.

We as designers have the power to make any tool a design tool, s what could we come up with to make these tools go
beyond their potential?

[print distort workhop by Etta and Lizzie]

[weaving type, by Irene ellen and ]