Irene Albino




The Message Is The Medium

Degree Show 2: Design

As part of our Degree Show 2 : Design, we extended our last project (see Knitted_By_Data) into a performative piece of design.
With a hacked knitting machine, the Electoknit Brother 950i, we knitted an essay on binaries, one chapter a day for the duration of the show. The result was a 25m long knitted text, inclusive of title and bibliography  a performative piece of design.

Design as performance

In this process of looping yarns and ideas, the medium becomes the message.
We found there was no better way to talk about the binary, than by using the binary system par excellence: weaving is the first form of programming.
We asked ourselves: If weaving is a form of coding, how would it be to weave code? With the help of an expanding knitting community of hackers, we achieved to hack the electroKnit Brother 950i in order to ‘write’ a knitted essay that is rather a collection of cross-referenced texts and quotes. We then translated the same code that we used to hack the knitting machine into patterns, as parts of the visual layout of the essay.