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No Hay Silencio


This project is about communicating silence.

I experimented with a variety of mediums and communication tecniques with the intent to stage experiences of silence.

The result were a Temporary Transportable Silence Chamber and a Fluxus Box On Silence.

The fluxus box.

The Fluxus Box On Silence focuses on the practice and theories of famous compositor and experimental musician John Cage.
The box includes:

-a flip book titled ‘Silence and Noise through John Cage and back’, where the user flips through a pixelated image of John Cage that goes from a magnified white pixel to the picture shrinking to become again a white page.

-a conductive 4'33’’ re-visited score

A. John Cage’s flip book

Noise and silence as related to images. 
There is no silence without noise. What would be a journey of silence and noise through an image? Through an image of John Cage?

B. 4’33’’, a Conductive Score

This is a re-visited version of John Cage’s original score for 4’33’’: a musical composition of three parts, were silence is considered music if it becomes a set arrangement of ambient sounds. In this version, the reader can reproduce the composition, by ‘scoring’ a linocut sheet, use graphite powder to transfer the score on the printed pages and due to the conductive attribute of graphite, make it interactive.

C. Temporary Transportable Silence Chamber